It Pays to Work with an Honest and Trusted Castle Rock Auto Body Shop

Early last year, Heidi Hammat of Denver’s Fox 31 conducted an investigative report to determine which of Denver’s auto repair shops are trustworthy. Below is an excerpt from Hammat’s report.

“Have you ever left a mechanic wondering if they’ve taken advantage of you? We went undercover and put 10 local repair shops to the test.

First, we took our 2007 Jeep Cherokee to the repair shop we trust to maintain our FOX31 news vehicles.

A certified mechanic inspected every system in our Jeep and verified no repairs were needed.

Then, we asked our mechanic to create a simple problem — he disconnected one of six ignition coils to make the check engine light go on.

Then we rigged our Jeep with hidden cameras and hit 10 auto repair shops from the major chains to the “mom and pops.”

Seven out 10 shops found our problem right away and plugged the coil back in for a nominal fee.”

It’s good to know that the majority of the auto shops put to the test passed with flying colors, providing only the needed service without charging the customer with an exorbitant fee. On the other hand, it’s also disheartening to learn that unscrupulous shops do exist, and you need to avoid them at all cost.


The Cost of Substandard Auto Work

There are many risks that come with getting inferior repair work done on a vehicle—even more so if it went through a severe collision. Here are some of the dangers you could face if you have your vehicle repaired by an unreliable collision center.

Your Safety May be Compromised

Certainly, the most important factor here is your personal safety. It’s understandable that repair shops want to maximize their profit. However, it should never be at the expense of your own safety.

Mechanics May Not Be Trained in Serious Collision Repairs

Collision repairs require a high level of automotive mechanical skill and knowledge. When a car has been severely damaged, the problem lies not only with what is currently wrong with the car, but also with what problems might occur later on. An experienced and well-trained mechanic from a trusted Castle Rock auto body center will know and understand how all of the vehicle parts work together, and thus be able to accurately diagnose and fix any current or potential problems.

With the risks involved in subpar auto repair, the wiser choice is always to have your vehicle repaired a reputable Castle Rock body shop like Michael’s Auto Body and Glass.

(Source: Auto repair mechanics ripping off customers; FOX31 Investigates, KDVR, Jan. 31, 2013)


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