Skilled Castle Rock, CO Collision Repair Can Make a Car Look Brand New

No matter how good a driver is, any car is bound to end up getting damaged one way or another. Minor dings and dents are commonplace, but certainly less costly than major damages from collisions. There are several auto repair services you can take your car to for collision repair in Castle Rock, CO, such as Michael’s Auto Body and Glass. The question in such cases, however, is whether it is still worth it to have the car repaired. Karen Aho, in her article on, weighs in on the issue:

“Let’s say your car is damaged badly in a crash. If the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the car’s pre-crash market value — the amount the car would have sold for right before the event — the insurer will declare it “totaled.” You’ll be paid the market value in cash, minus your deductible. (Of course, you won’t be paid anything if you do not have the comprehensive or collision coverage required to cover those events.) The insurance company will take the damaged car and sell it to a salvage yard.”

Of course there’s always the possibility that you’d prefer to keep the car and choose to take it to a skilled Castle Rock, CO collision repair service to get a “totaled” car back into shape. Expect the repair to cost you, and even if you can get some money, the insurer will have to deduct the salvage value from the insurance payout.


An additional consideration is that you are required by law to report to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles when you decide to keep a car that has been extensively damaged. This is to ensure that any future potential buyer is fully made aware of the automobile’s accident and repair history. This also means that the car will receive a salvage title, which will detail the type of accident it was involved in and the damages it incurred before repairs.

After the paperwork has been accomplished, it’s time to take your car in for repairs. First, the car shop will have to disassemble the outer parts to see the extent of the damage. This is important because any repairs you’ll need for it shouldn’t miss out on the hidden structural and mechanical damage. Second, any damaged parts are removed and replaced with new ones. More components and parts are ordered whenever necessary, to complete the whole body and mechanical repair work.

Finally, with mechanical, body and structural work completed and restored, painting and detailing work can proceed to make the car look brand new. The penultimate stage may take some time as body measurements, among other things, need to comply with the original factory specifications.

(Source: Driving your car after it’s totaled,, May 25, 2014)


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