Signs you Need to Take your Car to a Car Body Shop in Castle Rock, CO

When buying a used car from dealerships in Colorado, it’s almost inevitable that you will come across damaged models, or at least cars with some restoration work done. Since finding a car that’s free from any dent in its history record is pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack, at some point you’ll have to concede and just hope that you get a great deal from a reputable body shop in Castle Rock, CO.


Signs to Look out For

Before you buy your car though, you should have it inspected by a trusted mechanic and know what you’re dealing with. According to an article in, here are a few things you should look for:

  • Paint that chips off or doesn’t match indicates damage repair and poor blending.
  • Paint overspray on chrome, trim, or rubber seals around body openings reveals that the adjacent panel was repaired.
  • Misaligned fenders suggest a poor repair job or use of non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM) parts.
  • Uneven surfaces on frame components could be filler, seam sealer, or welding beads.
  • Damaged/gouged nuts and metal on top surface of strut tower (which connects the front wheels to the frame) in engine compartment may mean the frame was realigned.

The Big Decision

Once you know what might be wrong with the car you intend to buy, make your decision whether or not you can live with having to pay for the necessary components or body repair expenses. Have your mechanic assess the damage to get yourself a clearer idea of what needs to be done. For even better appraisal, have more than one assessment and get the average cost—and see if the overall amount for repairs is still worth the purchase.

DIY or Pro

So you chose to buy the car anyway – what now? You have the choice of either doing the repairs yourself versus going to a body shop. Keep in mind that while problems like small dents could be popped out easy on your own, there are many other repairs that can be sufficiently addressed and restored like new only in reliable auto body shops, such as Michael’s Auto Body and Glass.

Whether you’ve just bought a used car with some damage, or you’ve been in a collision, visit your trusted auto body shop in Castle Rock, CO to put even more value to your purchase.

(Source: Warning signs that a used car is a rebuilt wreck, Consumer Reports)


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