Protect Against Fraudulent Repairs with a Trusty Castle Rock Body Shop

A new scam is reportedly burgeoning across cities like Bellevue, Washington. In it, scammers offer quick car dent repairs to unsuspecting senior citizens. Further information is detailed in this excerpt from writer Dan Aznoff’s June 2, 2014 article on the Bellevue Reporter:

Parking lots at strip malls across the city have apparently become the newest hunting grounds for scam artists who prey on unsuspecting senior victims.

Bellevue Police Det. Shelby Shearer said the latest scheme to bilk seniors takes place when a person who identifies themselves as an employee of a local auto body shop approaches the senior when they return to their car after shopping. The “employee” offers to repair small dents or dings on the vehicle for “cash and off the books.”

Detective Shearer further explains that while the scammers may or may not complete the repair, they will always demand immediate upfront payment for the job. They will often try to intimidate the senior and will even offer to follow him or her to the bank or their home to collect the money.

quick dent repairs are the latest fraud to target vulnerable seniors

While such incidents are still more prevalent in Bellevue, they can soon spread throughout the nation if citizens don’t know how to identify a true (and reputable) body repair shop. Companies like Michael’s Auto Body and Glass, a popular Castle Rock auto body shop, is one of several. The question is: how does one know which auto body shops are legitimate and which are not? Here are a few tips.

First of all, a reputable body shop wouldn’t impose their services on someone like most scammers would. It is better to be knowledgeable beforehand because such “shops” aren’t recognizable at first sight to begin with. When it comes to body shops, a long history with a good word-of-mouth reputation is important. Also, certification should be one of the top priorities– manufacturer certifications, in particular. So when an “employee” comes up to you offering quick dent repairs, it is better to ask him/her to present relevant certifications.

Another tip is to keep cost in perspective. In the case of the scammers in Bellevue, Detective Shearer notes that while most cases go unreported because the victims feel embarrassed, bills for so-called “minor repairs” often cost thousands of dollars– which is purely uncalled for. Credible choices will always provide an itemized estimate, and have a representative explain everything to the customer.

Lastly, always look for value. A truly reputable Castle Rock body shop charges fairly, given the work done and what they’re offering. Unlike scammers offering quick but substandard repairs, dependable servicers make the quality of their workmanship evident with each job and make customers feel they are aptly being taken care of.

(Source: Quick Dent Repairs are the Latest Fraud to Target Vulnerable Seniors, The Bellevue Reporter, June 2, 2014)

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