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Does your car keep leaning to the right or the left? Are you noticing an unusual vibration while driving? Did your car sustain visible damages from an accident?

Frame damage is not immediately noticeable, which is why it is always a good idea to have the frame of your vehicle checked for misalignment or bending. Aside from collisions, frame damage can be caused by several factors. Running into a ditch or a large hole in the road is a common reason. Hitting a curb or improper towing of a vehicle can also cause damage to the frame.

If you suspect frame damage or if you want to ensure the soundness of your car, the experts at our auto body shop in Castle Rock can help. Michael’s Auto Body and Glass has been specializing in automotive collision repair since 1987. You can trust that our experienced technicians will conduct a meticulous assessment of your car to determine the presence of frame damage and the need for repairs.


First Line in Accident Protection

One of the most vital safety components, a car’s frame or uni-body structure protects the driver and passengers during an accident. The frame is the skeleton of the car and is usually made from a tough metal alloy. Other safety features, such as the airbag and the seatbelts, are designed to work uniformly with the frame to provide utmost protection for people inside the vehicle.

As the frame absorbs the impact during a collision, the structural integrity of the car can be diminished even by a minor accident. This can cause some drivability issues or make the vehicle unsafe on the road. Other mechanical problems may arise as the frame becomes unable to properly support the car’s other components.


Proven Auto Body Repair Process

Why put yourself and your passengers at risk by driving a structurally unsafe car? At our clean and convenient auto body shop, we provide our clients with a full suite of frame damage repair services. We utilize our extensive experience and expertise to create a detailed report of any structural damage found on your vehicle.

Committed to integrity and customer satisfaction, our team can be counted on to provide straightforward estimates. Our auto body shop features the most technologically advanced frame equipment in the industry. The combined efficiency of our cutting-edge Chassis Liner DTA frame machines and Wolf measuring system enables our experienced technicians to repair your vehicle according to exact manufacturing dimensions.

Call us today at 303-660-3425 today so that we can have your vehicle towed to one of our convenient locations or click here to learn more about the services that our auto body shop provides in Castle Rock, CO and the surrounding areas.


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