Castle Rock Collision Repair Services Needed Despite Improved Safety

Car accidents are a regular occurrence on roads. However, in recent years, developments have been made to mitigate the damage sustained. Writer Cheryl Jensen discusses this in a May 29, 2014 article for the New York Times:

“Front-crash-avoidance systems use radar or cameras to scan the road ahead while a computer calculates the closing rate between the vehicle with the system and the one ahead. If the distance closes too quickly, what happens next depends on the type of system.

If there is an automatic braking system, the brakes are applied either to slow or completely stop the car in an attempt to avoid a rear-end collision or at least reduce the severity of a crash.

Other setups, called forward-collision warning systems, use an audible alert to warn drivers of an impending crash.”

It’s important to remember that while these precautions may save the lives of the drivers and passengers, the car will still be damaged. This is where hiring an excellent Castle Rock, CO collision repair service, like Michael’s Auto Body and Glass, will be helpful.


A skilled Castle Rock collision repair expert would be able to determine whether a car is salvageable. Sometimes, the damage to the car will be too much and it would be better to just buy a new one. Usually they would advise a replacement when any of the car’s integral parts─ like the engine or the transmission─ are damaged. If there is only damage to the chassis, then it can be refurbished. You’ll have to choose the right body shop to do the work though.

First, pay attention to the word-of-mouth. Most car repair and body shops have a reputation with their clientele. Ask your family and friends for suggestions. Additionally, our car’s brand in mind; some car companies give certifications to shops that have been trained to handle their car models.

Second, think about your budget. Some shops have higher labor prices mostly based on their location. Shop around a bit for the best price. It would be advisable to ask for an itemized estimate from each shop and have it explained by a representative so you can know the justifications for the expense.

Finally, ask questions about the shop. You’ll want to know about the shop’s warranties. This can save you a bundle in the future. Hold out for at least a one-year warranty on their repairs. Additionally, ask about their theft and fire insurance; this will ensure that your car will be protected while in their hands. Inquiring about what materials they’ll use for the repair will be necessary; after all, you’ll want to be assured that they’ll only use the best.

(Source: Tests Show Improvements in Crash-Avoidance Systems, New York Times, May 29, 2014)


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