Castle Rock Auto Glass Repair Services will Be Busy This Hail Season

Colorado has a fascinating climate given its high elevation and enclosure by mountains. This has resulted in weather that can be called comfortable; dry winters and wet springs and summers are a regular occurrence. However, it does have one downside: the occurrence of thunderstorms with very damaging hail.


Hail is especially bad for homes and cars that end up bearing the brunt of nature’s fury. It is quite nerve-wracking to hear the pounding that hail can deliver, let alone witness the damage it deals. A Denver Post article by writer Steve Raabe describes just how serious that damage can be:

“Alpine Buick GMC in southwest Denver said hail and wind, primarily from Tuesday’s storm, damaged 98 percent of its vehicles, valued at $10 million.

As a result, the dealership is holding a “hail sale” with discounted prices on new and used vehicles that were damaged by hail.

Hail traditionally is the largest source of property insurance claims in Colorado.

“It’s the most expensive insured catastrophe,” Walker said.”

The damage to cars is mostly to their chassis and their windows. Dings and dents on an automobile’s body can easily be repaired. However, repairing or replacing car windows is another matter. There are places that can restore auto glass in Castle Rock like Michael’s Auto Body and Glass. Depending on the level of damage, the car may have to get its windshield or window changed or just need a bit of smoothing.

When checking if glass damage can be repaired, professionals first check on the extent of the damage. Nowadays, a crack or a chip up to three inches long can easily be repaired. Some facilities have equipment that can handle damage up to a foot long, but that’s rare.

Additionally, the location of the crack can also affect the chances of it being removed. Side damage or anywhere in the driver’s line of sight means the windshield has to be replaced. This is because damage at the edges can cause more cracks in the future and the repair process usually distorts the glass.

For people seeking to repair auto glass near Castle Rock, CO, the price tag should also be considered. Simple chips on the windshield will cost $50 at most, while replacements will cost quite a bit more depending on your car. If a hailstorm manages to do a number on your car, have it repaired immediately; leaving it alone will let dirt in and cause more damage.

(Source: Insurers gird for big Colorado hail-damage claims, storms line up again, The Denver Post, May, 22, 2014)


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